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About Us

Our team of midwives strive to provide exceptional care for each of our clients. Our midwives at All About Babies are Certified Professional Midwives and are Licensed Midwives in the State of Texas.  Education is of the utmost importance which means our midwives and students are held to the highest level of academic accomplishment available.   We continually seek to advance in the knowledge of the art, physiology and anatomy of midwifery practice in order to give our clients the safest, evidenced based care possible.

We are blessed to have an excellent working relationship with nearby medical specialists in the event that medical attention is needed. Denton Presbyterian Hospital is only eight miles from All About Babies Birth Center.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests in our understanding that God created the female body to bear children. Childbirth is a natural process and yet every aspect of pregnancy, birth, and lactation is no less than a miracle.

Women have been giving birth to healthy babies without medical intervention long before hospitals and doctors. We feel that having your baby in a birth center is not only safe, but also the most natural and fulfilling way to bring your precious gift into the world. We pray you have a perfect pregnancy, a lovely labor, and a beautiful birth!

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