Kai’s Birth Story


Donnellyn and All About Babies have been such a God send during all 3 of our births.  My husband and I were given Donnellyn's name to interview for our first pregnancy, but it didn't feel like an interview, it felt like sitting down and chatting with a beloved family member.  And that's how it was throughout our first, second, and third pregnancy. I will be forever grateful and feel amazingly blessed to have had all my babies with Donnellyn; she is Jesus with-skin-on.  

The day before I went into labor with my last birth I had done quite a lot of walking, taking my two older boys to the park and exploring Christmas lights.  The next day, my water broke at my home, we met Donnellyn at the birth center and we all assumed the baby would come just as quickly as the second one had; but we were wrong.  This baby took it's time.  In the birth suite I was able to rest and pray and just be. 


Being a hula dancer, with my previous two births I was able to use my hip moves to help my body during each labor, which helped so much!  But with this pregnancy I was my healthiest and I was so much more attune to what my body needed.  I was able to dance both hula and tahitian songs for so long and during the whole labor!  To be able to do more than just some moves and worship the Lord with my body physically praising Him for how He made me to do this was so sweet. 

When I was finally ready to get into the tub, it was my continual hula hip movements, even during contractions, that I believe are what helped me keep progressing.  During the time it took me to birth the head, it felt very much like my first labor, which was long and hard, and I had to keep telling myself that I could do one more contraction, one more contraction and I'd get the head out and then just a few more for the body and I'd get to meet my baby.  This went on for some time, and when I finally did get the baby's head out, it then felt as if my pushing wasn't doing anything.  Donnellyn was extremely encouraging and I did everything she told me to do without question.