Jai’s Birth Story

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“When we first heard about birthing centers I thought it was too good to be true. My only positive thought initially was that it was not a hospital. As we walked in for our first appointment and walk through, I was able to breath easy as it was homey and stress free. Every question was answered and they truly made us feel comfortable. I was really made into a believer when they made sure that we knew they were there for us and not vice versa and that they would never force us into a decision that we did not want. All of our appointments and classes up until our actual birthing day was educational and definitely helped us prepare.

The weekend we went into labor, our midwives were communicating with us consistently so that we were on track and feeling confident while we were at home. Once we made our way to the birthing center, they took action and made Christina as comfortable as possible. The way they handled a new mother in labor was impressive and helped in keeping me calm. They were great teachers, friends and comforters. The one thing that made them stand apart was their faith and the prayers before, during and after. We had two friends praying for us out in the living room, and one of them told me afterwards that a midwife came out, told them a verse and had them read it and then went back into the room. That right there is what set them apart and made me a believer in what they do and stand for. I really pray that birthing centers, especially All About Babies, is the future of birthing!”

“We were slightly skeptical when we decided to use a birth center. My main motivation for using a birth center was only that it was not a hospital. In spite of our skepticism it didn’t take long to put our minds at ease. Every appointment we were well taken care of, well educated, and the birthing classes helped a lot to prepare us.

For a first time parent getting information is a huge help but you still don’t know exactly what to expect. Arriving at the birth center when I was in labor was like a breath of fresh air. From the moment I walked in everything was about me and making sure I was comfortable, taken care of, and getting coached through the entire labor process. Being a first time mom, going through such an experience it was amazing having that support. They were positive, encouraging, peaceful, protected my privacy and made sure I was comfortable emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even when it came time to push I was so grateful for the midwives! Pushing seems like a no-brainer but for a first timer it can take a minute to get the hang of it. The midwives did a phenomenal job of coaching me through the process until our little man came. Once he was out he went immediately in to my arms and as we snuggled and loved on our new little one everything was cleaned, taken care of, and the room was back in order. By the time I got up it was as if nothing had happened; the atmosphere of the room had stayed peaceful from start to finish and our only job was to focus on our son.

I could not imagine going through the delivery process without that kind of support. You hear horror stories about the birth experience but that was definitely not the case for us. All About Babies makes everything about pregnancy and delivery peaceful, wonderful, and all around one of the most incredible experiences. We are so grateful to them!!”