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birthing center fort worth Dallas area

Welcome to your home away from home for the birth you’ve always dreamed of and the assurance that you need. Our beautiful, new birth center on over 3.5 acres provides a comfortable and customized experience for you and your growing family.

Our philosophy rests in our understanding that God created the female body to bear children. Childbirth is a natural process and yet every aspect of pregnancy, birth, and lactation is no less than a miracle.

Women have been giving birth to healthy babies without medical intervention long before hospitals and doctors. We feel that having your baby in a birth center is not only safe, but also the most natural and fulfilling way to bring your precious gift into the world.

We pray you have a perfect pregnancy, a lovely labor, and a beautiful birth! Call our Birthing Center in Fort Worth and Dallas area for any questions you may have.

Meet The Team

Donnellyn Dominguez
Kathaleen May
Hannah Scott